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Obviously things are getting behind here (and right now that is due to the fact that my Macbook charger died and my sister -the only other one with an apple computer in the household- is away at school during the week so I cannot charge my computer during that time) soo… I could use your help guys.

Is there anyone interested in helping to pick up the slack on one or several (all?) of the following?:

  1. Uploading to the gallery and making gallery posts on DO’B (example post here)
  2. Updating the site with latest articles and news regarding Dylan and his projects.
  3. Keeping inner pages up to date.

If you have the time to help us out that would be great. You will be given your own account and login and briefed on how to do the above. I will answer you any questions you may have. Know that if I deem your post or something you’ve written to be inappropriate it may be subject to a re-write or deletion. Just a heads up if your post is missing.

Although, if your post is missing one day, don’t be alarmed, it may not be for a bad reason, just that it has been brought to notice that a post has already previously been made on the same subject/topic and therefore there is no need for another.

Please comment on this post or contact me through email if you can help.

Much appreciated! x

This episode tore me apart! Surely we’re all in the same boat regarding that hug too. OMG! When we lost Stiles, I’ll lose it. I’ll be a big, sobby mess; you can count on it.

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I am soooo excited for this movie! I’m currently reading the first book. I don’t expect I’ll get to see it on the day it comes out (my sister might want to come with me to see it because she thinks Dylan‘s a sweetie too). I should have plenty of time to finish it. Maybe even all of them. :)

In the meantime, I shall torture you with an update of stills to the gallery. :D

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So… did you guys watch 1×13? What did you think? I was sitting there going “Aww! Poor baby” to Stiles the whole time. xD